Bulk configuration can be done two ways:

1. Saving & Applying Template: You can Save Product configurations as Template and apply to any unconfigured. You can save any product configuration as a template. A template can be applied to more than one products.

2. By applying a configuration to other products/configurations: You can do bulk configuration of same type product. For bulk configuration you must configure one product first manually. Then go to configured list and you will find a “Apply To” button.


After clicking Apply To button there will be a popup window.

Here are details :

Collection name : You need to select collection name . The bulk action will be applied to all of your product of this collection. If you don’t have any collection then you need to create them from shopify admin

Background Image : You need to choose either product image or uploaded image as background image. If you set product Image then the background image will be individual for each product. If you set uploaded image then background image will be same for all product .

Background Image Position : Every product image have a position in shopify. It is the serial number for every product Image . Like featured image is on position 1.