Product Personalizer uses Shopify’s CDN to deliver personalized product imaged to the customer.
Shopify recently introduced the .webp format (see the newsletter here )
All the order is being downloaded in .webp. But there is a temporary fix and our customer can still download the personalized order in .png format.

  1. If you are using Mozilla Firefox then you will not be supposed to encounter this problem. and you can download the personalized product image as .png format for the order normally.
  2. If you are using Google Chrome, you will see personalized product image downloading as .webp format. to get the personalized image from the orders as .png format you need to go to order in the Admin Dashboard of your website.Go to the orders tab from your site’s Admin Dashboard panel.

    Go to the order number

    Scroll all the way down and find the personalized image, Right-click the mouse and copy the image link:

    Go to Mozilla Firefox browser and paste the link to download the image as .png format

    See the video tutorial here (step by step):